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How To Check Your Local Rank In Mobile Legends

In the competitive realm of Mobile Legends, where players strive to prove their prowess and climb the ranks, local rankings

Samer Baniya Samer Baniya

How To Add Friends in Mobile Legends

You just started playing Mobile Legends, and your friend tells you to add them and give you their name or

Samer Baniya Samer Baniya

How to Change Top 3 Heroes in Mobile Legends?

It's hard for many new players to learn small things in mobile legends. One of the few simple problems a

Samer Baniya Samer Baniya

Matchmaking Problems Mobile Legends Server Problem

If you've been frustrated with the constant "network error" and "Matchmaking failed" messages in Mobile Legends, you're not alone. Don't

Samer Baniya Samer Baniya