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Welcome to Mobile Legends Guide, here we provide you with all sorts of things to make you a perfect mobile legends player.

Mobile Legend is a 5v5 online multiplayer RPG type game. Here, you need to destroy the base in order to win. However, it is easier said than done. You need to know thousand of tactics to win the game. Therefore, we provide you with thousands of tactics.
In order to win the game, you need to know about builds and their counter, every hero’s skills, suitable build, Jungling, roaming, pushing and protecting, team fight participation, etc.
So we give you all the knowledge about builds, heroes’ skill, types, jungling roaming, etc.
Not only do we give some guides but we also tell you the latest events, patches and buffs, and many other things.
Here are the simple features that we provide

  • Simple reliable and understanding details about builds, heroes, and elbems.
  • The in-game Guides like how to jungle, roam and play aggressively and safely like a professional player.
  • New Ml events, tournaments, patches, hero adjustments, and bugs.

About the owners of this blog, we are a team of two founders of mobilelegendsguide.com.

  1. Saroj Baniya
saroj baniya

I am a Professional SEO Expert, Blogger, and Youtuber.

2. Manisha Chettri

Sameer Baniya

Hi! I am Sameer Baniya. A founder and a writer at mobilelegendsguide.com. I am a pro gamer.

We both are trying to provide our best results to our users. We are trying to improve by 1% on every new article.

The article, tutorial frequency: 2 to 3 every week.

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