King Estes is having a conversation with a friend at the moment.” Miya bitterly told Zilong, clenching her hands into a tight fist. The Son of the Dragon looked at her with a confused expression on his face. “You’re angry. Did something happened?

Estes! He just let a night elf go inside the castle like it’s no problem! That filthy night elf might possibly bring her wicked friends along with her and sabotage the palace at any moment,” She clenched her teeth after shouting a quarter of her anger out. “He’s always been like that. Too kind for his own good, I hate that part of him sometimes.” She grumbled. Zilong patted her head with his hand. “It’s strange, you usually call him his majesty or the king.” Miya let out a small giggle, which Zilong find it quite adorable. “We’re childhood friends. Although Estes told me not to call him his majesty or the king once he became a king, I would still call him those titles,” A soft smile formed on her face. “I often worry about him. Our family is close, so I would sometimes think of him as my brother. When my family was murdered by those orcs, I was traumatized and devastated, but Estes and his family took me in. His family took care and protected me. Now it is my turn to do the same.” She placed her right hand on the left side of her chest; where the heart is located. Zilong was charmed by her loyalty to the King. “Worry not. I’ll protect the elves, the king, and most importantly, you.” He formed a soft smile on his handsome face.

Miya’s cheeks formed a pink blush as she looked away. “Did you have to add most importantly? I can protect the king, elves, and myself from danger. I’m probably stronger than you.” The female archer formed a playful grin on her face. Zilong let out a chuckle. “You have a great confidence, but it is best to leave the strength to me.” He said. Miya crossed her arms, a smirk replacing her grin. “Really? If we started a fight, I would certainly win it.

Oh? Don’t get overconfident. Why not start a little competition at this moment?” His voice sounded quite serious about the competition, but he needs to prove that he can save everyone so that he can assure them that they will not be killed. “Sounds lovely. Let’s go outside.” Miya smiled, beginning to walk towards outside the castle.

The female archer led him to a thick forest, but this forest isn’t your ordinary one, this forest is made up of magical trees, soil and with mystical animals residing in it. The trees’ bole is made up of hard crystallite; the branches and roots are made up of the same material. Some of the foliage of the trees are yellow spinel, red rubies, and blue sapphires. The soil felt soft even with their shoes on, and the grass is made up of emeralds that danced with the fresh wind. As the sunlight illuminated the forest, it made everything look ethereal and breathtaking. “Beautiful is it not?” Miya smiled softly as she watched Zilong observed the beautiful surroundings with his eyes wide.

How would you like it to start?” Miya asked Zilong. He lifted his chin up a little by using one of his hands. “Close combat.” He answered. “You do know that I’m an archer, right? What kind of archer goes in front forever combat with an enemy and shoots them?” She looked at him unamused.

Then I’ll be happy to teach you how to close combat an enemy.” Zilong smiled. “It will take years, I won’t be able to magically have combat skills right away.” The female archer said. “I know, but at least you’ll have knowledge of close combat,” He gently grabbed her hand, making it open to hold his spear. “I’m not supposed to let anyone hold this, but I trust you.”

He walked over behind her and positioned her hand to hold the sacred spear properly. “What if I drop it?” Miya suddenly questioned “Then I’ll screa” Miya purposely dropped his sacred spear. But before the spear could hit the ground Zilong quickly grabbed its handle. His breathing uneasy and his hands shaking violently. “You’re going to give me a heart attack!” He glanced at Miya, who was laughing. “I’m sorry. I wanted to find out.” She grinned. Zilong let out a sigh, holding his spear tightly. “I won’t be so kind to you next time.”

That won’t be possible. You’re a natural at being kind.” Miya smiled. “I’ll let you hold this again, but promise me you won’t drop it?” Zilong glanced at her, hoping that she would not repeat the moment from earlier again. Miya nodded. “I will hold this promise till I die.” She said as she made a symbol with her hands and arms, a symbol of the promise that elves make. Zilong sighed in relief, letting her hold his spear.

Zilong walked behind her back. His body leaning against hers. He began to position her hand to properly hold the spear, he also made her hand grip on the handle tightly. “I’m not going to drop it again,” Miya said. “Less talking, more focusing,” Zilong replied rather strictly.

Miya could feel her heart racing into her chest, her breathing becoming uneasy. She couldn’t understand it, was she nervous? Or something else? She couldn’t understand this type of feeling, she hasn’t experienced this type of feeling before, until she met this charming man.

As he taught her how to strike and flip, Miya couldn’t hear what he was saying to her. The loud beating of her heart deafened her ears and the thought of him blinded her eyes. As he spoke behind her right ear, his breath tickled against her skin. It felt warm and made a tingling feeling of happiness inside of her. The gentle hand that held hers felt comforting and nice.

Miya closed her eyes, her mind being clouded by him. But why is what? The female archer still could not understand this feeling of being held by him forever.

If I am under some spell, then this pell is one of the loveliest spell that has ever captured me.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad

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