The Chief and The Warrior

The chief of Makadan Island grabbed his clothes, food, and other supplies that he needs for his journey outside the island. After a battle against the island’s outside invaders, the great chief of Makadan Island decided to begin a journey, to go outside the island, to learn more about this outside world.

The chief Lapu-Lapu would not allow his people to worry, so he gave his trust to his partner. Who helped him during the previous battle. He hopes that the peace of Makadan will not be destroyed once again, for he will not be there if trouble happens.

Lapu-Lapu grabbed his bag that is made out of raggy, rough cloth. He walked over to the seashore where his boat is ready for sailing, the sea’s tide is calm and the night sky clear with shining stars, the full moon out to shine out the darkness.

He walked over to the boat’s deck and sat down, placing his bag beside him. The ocean’s small waves splashing against the hull of the boat. Lapu-Lapu turned his head behind him until he could see his beloved village that he loves so much. It is his home and now he must take the sail to enter the mysterious world that is beyond Makadan Island.

Few weeks after Lapu-Lapu’s journey began, he, fortunately, found land after venturing the vast ocean. His food supplies haven’t run out yet, but his boat got damaged after a storm hit him one week earlier.

The chief grabbed his weapons and his bag. Jumping off his boat as it hit the golden sandy shores of this unknown land. He ran towards to the forest as he looked at the trees as he passes by them. I have never seen this kind of trees before, I wonder if they grow fruits, Lapu-Lapu thought.

Suddenly an orb of light flashed in front of him, making the chief jump out of shock. The orb’s light slowly disappeared to reveal that it is not an orb, but a fairy. Lapu-Lapu’s eyes widened, he has never seen a fairy before. “Hello? Tiny creature?” Lapu-Lapu managed to slip those words without stuttering. The little fairy looked at Lapu-Lapu with their purely white eyes, then spoke something that sounded gibberish.

Lapu-Lapu heard the bushes move, he held his weapons tightly and made his stance, observing his surroundings very carefully, not letting his guard down. The fairy gasped and moved their arms around as they spoke in fairy language, which the chief did not understand. Lapu-Lapu looked at the fairy confusedly. “What is it? Are you saying No?” He asked the panicking looking fairy. The fairy nodded as their answer.

You’re in fairy territory,” A female voice said, her accent unfamiliar to Lapu-Lapu. The chief looked at the direction where the voice came from. It came from behind.

A woman with ginger stood in front of the chief. The right side of her hair shaved off, her long wavy hair falling down on her chest, the emerald eyes of hers glowed dimly as her fair skin shined. The woman’s muscular body showed that she’s strong and that you should not piss her off. She would have looked beautiful if it wasn’t for that massive skull that she’s wearing. Lapu-Lapu glanced at the skull with discomfort as he bit his lip. “Something that matter, traveler?” The woman glared at the chief that is staring at her. “Your skull is quite disturbing, no offense.” The chief replied. “No offense taken. Are you staying here?” The woman asked again. Lapu-Lapu pulled something out of his pockets, as it is a piece of bread. He handed it out to the ginger-haired woman. “Here you go.”Thanks, traveler.” The woman grabbed the bread out of his hand, beginning to eat the bread. “My name is Lapu-Lapu.” The chief introduced himself as he watched the woman eat.

After the woman finished eating the bread, she looked at Lapu-Lapu. “I’m Hilda. I got lost in a battle with a group of strong people, stronger than me and my teammates.” She hung her head a bit. Lapu-Lapu hugged the woman without permission, patting her back then pulled himself away. Hilda’s green eyes widened. “Thanks for the hug?

You’re welcome, we Makadan Islanders are known for our caring nature.” Lapu-Lapu smiled. “Makadan Island? Is that your home country?” Hilda returned the smile. Lapu-Lapu nodded as his answer. “I traveled to find more about the vast land beyond the island. Also, do you know what the small creatures were saying?” He looked at her with curiosity in his eyes. “No, I do not know, but that fairy was speaking fairy language to you.”

Ah, that’s intriguing.” Lapu-Lapu tipped his chin with one of his hands. “We can be partners. I know the place here and you look like you can climb trees higher than I can. The fairies here doesn’t allow anyone to kill the mythical creatures that reside in this forest, they will stun anyone if they dare attempt to kill a mythical creature here. So we have to climb trees in order to get food, sadly I can’t climb that high up.” Hilda grumbled, crossing her hands. “I’ll teach you how, but your giant skull needs to be taken off.” Lapu-Lapu pointed at the skull that is behind her back. Hilda groaned, taking it off. “Alright.”

The chief formed a smile on his face. “Good, now let’s start climbing.” Lapu-Lapu walked over to the highest tree he could find, Hilda followed him.

Lapu-Lapu began to climb the tree carefully and swiftly, instructing Hilda how to climb the tree carefully and swiftly, instructing Hilda how to climb properly. His body tensing each time he got further to the ground. Hilda continued to follow him from behind, listening to his instructions carefully, not daring to look down to see how far they went.

Suddenly the branch that Hilda is stepping on broke instantly. Lapu-Lapu grabbed a hold on a stronger branch, his free hand holding Hilda’s hand before she could fall down. He groaned for how heavy she is.

Lapu-Lapu’s hand began to slip. His body sweating and tensing, he doesn’t want her to die, it would be a disgrace, “It’s okay!” Hilda yelled. “I’ll be okay!” After saying those words, Hilda made Lapu-Lapu let go of her.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad


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