Hey guys! What’s up?
We are going to show you a reason to use tanks in the upcoming update.
The new Tank talents are going to make tanks even tougher.
If you don’t know yet, your existing emblems will come with a new talent system.
In order to use the talents, your emblem needs to be atleast level 15.
In this video we are going to test third tier talents from the Tank emblem.

First talent is Tenacity which gives you 35 armor and resistance if your HP is below 40%.
Here is Tigreal with 34 armor and 19 resistance.
Once his HP is below 40%, the armor became 69 while resitance is now 54.

The second talent is Brave Smite.
It grants tanks with 5% max HP regen if you use a crowd control skill.
Here is Hylos getting 192 HP after using his stun.
Franco’s 1st skill and ultimate can give him some HP.
Tigreal’s 2nd skill and ultimate works too.
The ultimate of Gatotkaca and his 2nd skill also works with the talent.
You can use your crowd control skill to minions to get some HP too.

The last talent is talent Attack and Defense.
It converts a small percentage of your HP in to physical and magical attack.
Let’s add 1550 HP to Grock to see how much it adds.
From 198 physical attack to 203.
It only added 5 attack for 1550 HP.

Another reason to use tanks is the talent from the 2nd tier.
These two talents can give you a percentage boost for your armor and resistance.
This means your defense will scale up as you get into the late game.
You can get up to 8% defense bonus.

Will we see a rise in the tank user population?

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