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Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance – Can they stack?

Hey guys! What’s up? The idea of this video is from our community section. Mark Neil Latoza wanted to know if he can stack the effect of Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance. He says he wants to counter Alucard and Ruby. Let’s understand first the two items and their effects. Deadly Blade is inflicted […]

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  Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to check out the newly buffed Ruby guys. Now, not only has she been buffed but they’ve also remodeled an item that works perfectly for her gameplay. And that is the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen. For those of you who still don’t know, it now has […]

Human in Wolf’s Clothings

Ruby immediately attacked the wolf without hesitation. Rage can be seen in her eyes, her face forming a mad smile. The wolf dodged swiftly, it raised its hand to slash at her, but Ruby just dodged easily. “Tsk. You’re such a bad Wolfy! Why don’t you just take an eternal nap!” She raised her scythe […]

Under the Full Moon

The little red hooded girl continued to walk deeper into the forest with her scythe that is twice the size of her small body. She hummed a soft, cheery tune that she made herself. As nightfall began to rise, the forest around her became darker and darker, until she could no longer see her surroundings. […]

ruby mobile legends


  Hey guys what’s up! So we’ve got a video of the rank 1 Ruby in action guys. And if you’ll watch the video, her build is pretty interesting. Besides the Bloodlust Axe, the rest of her item is for defense.  Now, Ruby has insane life steal, but one of her problems is that she’s […]

Red Hue

He swung his sword relentlessly, without stopping to take a breath. His red suit matched his build indisputably. His rectangular sword moved with such precision, such grace that he almost seemed dancing. Demons clouded his proximity and he couldn’t find an opening to break through. Decapitated heads flew across the high walls of the Vellione […]

ruby mobile legends


  Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to talk about the recent buff they did on Ruby. The buff they did was all about her first skill, Be good: and it said, Total damage at all levels increases by 50 points; the shock wave now can slow down enemies for 2 seconds; mana cost […]

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  Hey guys what’s up, so we’ve got some Ruby highlights for you to watch. The build used on this video can be found below: Both of this build was used in making the video, I usually go for the Magic Blade if there is a Karina on the opponent’s team or if they have […]

mobile legends ruby


  Hey guys what’s up, so we’ve got a quick build for ruby. A build which uses all the lifesteal item available, well, except for the concentrated energy of course. This build increases Ruby’s survivability a lot, it’s like a tanky Ruby, but with more damage. You rely on your lifsteal instead of defense to […]