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Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance – Can they stack?

Hey guys! What’s up? The idea of this video is from our community section. Mark Neil Latoza wanted to know if he can stack the effect of Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance. He says he wants to counter Alucard and Ruby. Let’s understand first the two items and their effects. Deadly Blade is inflicted […]

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  Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to check out the new skin of Alucard the Viscount. now this is a starlight skin. And he kinda looks like Edward from twilight on this one. Because of the pale skin and haircut. So, the demon hunter has become a demon himself, a Vampire to be […]

A Hunter’s Tragic Past

  -|{Past}|- “Alucard! Dinner is ready!” A motherly voice called the young silvered haired boy that is playing near the forest. Alucard faced at the direction where his mother called him. “Coming mother!” Alucard replied, his little feet carrying his body as he ran back towards home. Once Alucard got back home, his mother kissed […]

Demon Hunter and the Bounty Huntress

The young silver haired man walked towards a bar at the edge of the town, to relax and rest his sore body for the day. “He’s been recently killing countless Demons for the last few weeks, one by one they came at him during the night, only to get killed by this silver-haired man who […]


He was so busy flirting with her that he didn’t notice the blood dotting her arm. The pretty Archer collapsed to the ground. He sincerely hoped that she wouldn’t die. Blood magic had burned and blackened her flesh. Alucard slowly lifted her from the ground, careful not to touch her worsening wound. He carried her […]


“Hey shorty, my name’s not Mr. Swordsman. It’s Alucard. ALU-CARD. The enchanting demon slayer, the invincible assassin.” He corrected her, tons of arrogance audible on his voice as he slightly outed his lips. She chuckled lightly. Her voice was a sweet melody to Alucard’s ears, yet he being arrogant as ever, refuses to admit it […]

Red Hue

He swung his sword relentlessly, without stopping to take a breath. His red suit matched his build indisputably. His rectangular sword moved with such precision, such grace that he almost seemed dancing. Demons clouded his proximity and he couldn’t find an opening to break through. Decapitated heads flew across the high walls of the Vellione […]

Alucard VS Argus

Argus VS Alucard

Watch this test fight on Alucard VS the new hero Argus.



  Hey what’s up guys, we’ve got the video of the rank 1 Allucard. Sorry but I only got to record the last parts of the game. But still, we hope that you get some tips on his build and his gameplay. Enjoy guys. Thanks!

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  Hey guys, what’s up, so we did some Alucard Highlights to show off his new appearance as well as his new voice. Now, usually, with Alucard there’s only one build to go, and that is, the damage build. The only defense item he can have is the immortality which is usually bought in the […]