Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to talk about the season 6 skin. Now this picture have been circulating around lately, and we don’t know if this is a hoax or legit. But remember guys that Hilda’s season 5 skin kinda started the same way. At first a picture of Hilda with the season 5 skin started to circulate, and a lot of people were not believing it, but at the end of the season, there she was, with the skin.

Now, we’re not sure about Alpha though, is this gonna be the same case? Well, there have been a lot of instances wherein they’ve photoshopped some pictures to make it look legit. But for you to photoshop a picture guys, you need to have some sort of reference, a picture to copy it from, and to be honest I have not seen this guy in any game that I know, not unless the creator of the photoshoped picture designed it himself, which I doubt. But anyways, we’re here to find out guys, if you’ve seen this guy in in any game, movie, or whatever, then comment down below. If no answer comes up, then there’s a chance that the season 6 skin is indeed Alpha.

So anyways guys that’s it, comment down below if you know this guy, even if it’s just a close resemblance. If he is indeed the season 6 skin, then the recent buffs they made on Alpha makes sense. Because they have been buffing him like crazy guys. And as with Mobile Legends, they always do that. New skin, new buffed player. But anyways guys, that’s it. Thanks!

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