Hey guys! What’s up?
We are going to show you a quick update on the Saber nerf.
In the recent update there were changes made on Saber and the item Bloodlust.

Saber’s skill, Flying Sword will only get 40% of spell vamp.
Bloodlust Axe unique passive description is now +20% Spell Vamp.
If the HP regen from Spell Vamp is lower than 50, it will not be shown.

Here is Saber before the update.
At level 8 he is using Bloodlust Axe and Hunter Strike.
He dealt 296 damage using Flying Sword which gave him 59 HP.

Here is Saber after the update.
At level 14 using Bloodlust Axe, Hunter Strike and Blade of Despair.
The first hit dealt 338 but no number showed up for the HP regen from Spell Vamp.
This means it is below 50.
That 338 damage should have given Saber a regen of 67 before the update.

Why do you think Saber’s Flying Sword was nerfed?


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