Past Moments


Shush, my beautiful daughter.” A tender and loving voice told the young white-haired archer. A cloth covering her eyes to blind her sight, unable to understand anything that is happening around her. Miya felt unfamiliar wrapped around her small body, taking away the warmth that she deeply desire to hold on to.

Mama, she cried the name inside her mind.

I know you’re scared.” A gentle male voice tried to comfort her. His voice sounded familiar, almost like one of the royal elf family. That’s when Miya realized that the person who is holding her is the Prince of Moonlight, Prince Estes of Eqaintia. A secret city of the Elf Kingdom where the Royal Family resides in.

Unlike the rest of the other location of the Elf Kingdom, this city is the most advanced one. Elves that reside here are excellent and is honored for their selfless acts of gratitude to the Moon God and Moon Goddess.

Miya tried to pull the cloth that is covering her eyes, but a hand stopped her. “The spell will break if you take off your cloth. This city’s strong barrier will kill you.” Estes said in a monotone voice. They passed the beautiful buildings of the city, tall and made out of strong material as well as camouflaged. There aren’t many Elves that resides in this enchanting city, and it is quite dull and quiet.

Estes carried the young archer all the way to the castle that is located at the center of the city, taking her to his bedroom. He placed Miya on top of his comfortable chair’s slip seat. The fireplace that is beside them created warmth and a relaxing ambiance.

Miya grabbed the blanket that is behind it, wrapping the blanket around her body. “You’re able to take your sloth off now,” Estes informed, his voice monotone like last time. Miya pulled her arms out of the blanket and pulled the cloth off, revealing both of her beautiful chestnut eyes, but sadly her left eye has a long scratch on it. Estes formed a small frown on his face. “Who did this to you?” He touched her left eye, hoping his touch did not hurt her. Miya looked up at him, her eyes wide. “Your highness..” She mumbled, but Estes couldn’t hear it for her voice is too quiet to be heard clearly. “Can you repeat?” Estes asked.

Your Highness,” Miya repeated, her voice louder this time. She pulled the blanket away and jumped off the chair to do a curtsy. “You’re very polite young archer, but a curtsy isn’t necessary.” Estes patted her head, the young archer looked up at him with a bright smile. “But it is tradition, your highness.”

I’m not really into tradition,” Estes said a bit roughly, in fact, he disliked his family tradition. His destiny is to become a great leader and healer to heal all of his people when many are injured or during battles. Instead of becoming what everyone expects him to be, Estes wanted to become an assassin. It’s off the hook, but the way the royal moonlight elves assassins swiftly moves and the countless ways they kill their dummies when training, sparked Estes’ eyes with ambitions and interest. He desired to know how, but instead of studying and watching the Moonlight elves assassins train, he must do his important duties as a prince to his subjects.

What would you like to be?” Miya asked once again, a soft smile forming on her face. “An assassin,” Estes replied, returning the soft smile. “I want to become a powerful archer like mama!” The young archer squealed with joy, but it quickly faded into a distress appearance. “Where is mama?

“With the councils, that’s all the information that I have that is connected to your mama,” Estes answered, but it is not all the information that he has about Miya’s mother. Her mother has done something forbidden, an action that tainted the Moonlight Elves, but Miya at all cost must not know, for Etes knows that it will shatter her.

Mama must be very important.” Miya grabbed the blanket, wrapping it around her body once again. “Are you always alone. prince Estes?” The sleepy, young archer asked, looking up at him with sleepy eyes. Estes looked back at her, his eyes hard to reveal his emotions. “Why yes. I am always alone since my training has begun.”

You don’t have friends to play with?”Miya frowned. “Royalties has no time for fun, young archer. So we do not have things like friends.” Estes said, his voice sounding quite sad. “Can I be your friend? We can play games and stuff!” Miya smiled, although it looked tired, he felt that she smiled out of joy. “That would be wonderful.” Estes smiled back. His form suddenly reverted back to his younger self; around Miya’s age. The young archer’s eyes widened. “Woah! You can do that?” Her jaw dropped as her eyes reveal that she got surprised. “It’s magic.” Estes smiled, sitting beside her. He fitted comfortably beside her.

The young archer yawned and gently closed her eyes. Slowly collapsing against the prince. Estes felt her warm breaths escaping her lips, it felt rather nice. He has never felt this kind of warmth before, and his mind is clouded by the word friends.

Miya’s brown bangs covered her face. Estes decided to gently place her bangs behind her ear. Revealing her adorable sleeping face. “I’m so sorry about your mother. Estes whispered very quietly, a frown overtaking his smile.

He too has done something horrible. If Miya finds out, she will never forgive him.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad

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