No More Solo Rank Games – New Group System Introduced!



Hey guys! What’s up?
A new Group System was introduced on advanced server.
It allows you to create or join a group where you can chat and team up.
The group can have a maximum of 100 members.
To create a group you will need 10,000 BP or 199 diamonds.
Each player can only create or join 2 groups at a time.
This where you can see your group conversation.
If you want to team up with your group members just tap this while you are on the lobby.
A link will be sent to your group chat for others to see.
You can set in the group setting if you want to review group applicants first or not.
You can set up to 5 administrators in a group which can post announcements and remove members.
As stated in the patch notes, more functions will be added.
What do you think of this group sytem?
What other features in the group system would you like to see?




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