Hey guys what’s up! So we have got a leaked video of the new skin of Moskov, Rafaela, Layla, and Vexana. Btw, Layna and Vexana have an Epic skin while Moskov and Rafaela have elite skins. Now, it’s really weird how these guys have this since these skins haven’t even arrived in the advance server. So the only answers would be, is that this video itself is from the developers or at least someone who works at Mobile Legends. Obviously, this would be a separate server, not the advance server, or the normal server. Also, you’ll see that they’re just fighting against computers, so this might just be a test done by the developers. But whatever it is guys, the skins sure looked awesome.

Lately, Mobile Legends have been releasing a lot of stuff into the game, probably because of the new Game Arena of Valor which seems to be gaining a lot of traction these days. But be that as it may, whatever their reason it, all these new content getting released is good news for us Mobile Legends players.

Btw guys, Rafaela has a freaking Nurse Costume with a big ass needle, Let’s just hope it’s not for an Enigma. Also, Layla seems like a cop, a skimpy cop costume, what’s interesting about it though is the name of the skin which says, SABER squad, and I wonder what that SABER acronym means.

Having new heroes changes some of our gameplay, like the new hero Fasha and Lesley, both having insane range, so seeing these two go at it in a team fight would really be interesting. As you all know, Lesley’s ultimate can detect those hiding in the bush, so with that, players will be more careful. Or how Helcurt can assist allies that are being chased by opponents. since his ultimate can pretty much blind all of the opponents team.

So, it’s really good that we’re receiving all this content, however, it seems like all of this new stuff can only be found at the advance server, for now at least. Looks like the developers plan to observe more on how the new heroes fit in today’s gameplay. But anyways guys, what do you think? Player feedback is all that matters for the developers, so be sure to voice out your opinions guys.

Do you like the new skins? Or are you those type of players who don’t really care about new skins, but would rather have a better gameplay system? Comment down what you think guys, thanks!

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    Mohd khairul

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    Dapatkan skin anda

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