Hey guys what’s up! So we’ve got a new hero survey, and he looks awesome guys and Apparently it’s also a fighter.

Now this is the first picture, and it’s a Raccoon controlled Robot. Is that a Raccoon? I’m not really sure. Reminds me of that raccoon guy in Guardians of the Galaxy. But anyways, in terms of appearance, this is the first hero in Mobile Legends with this design concept. Anyways, let’s go check out the second picture.

Now, I’m not sure what this guy really is, but from this one, it looks like an angry dwarf with a robot armor. What do you guys think? Well, let’s show the third model to help you guys decide.

And here it is guys, for me this is the most bad ass look for the new hero. You basically got two guys here, and that’s the first in Mobile Legends. Well, not sure if Irithel and Leo counts. But anyways guys, this really looks cool, and remember this guy is a fighter, and I’d love to see this mecha beast in action.

Also guys, as we all know, the decisions they make on this player surveys all depends on the reaction of the players, so please do take the survey for us to see this hero come alive. Anyways guys that’s it. Thanks!

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