Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here for a 1 versus 1 video. And it’s Bane vs Bane. Well, new fat bane vs the old bane. They did this once before on Akai, wherein after a few days of comparing, they then decided to get rid of the old Akai. And from the looks of it, it’s gonna be the same case with Bane.

Now on this match, both of them have the same build and same emblem. We didn’t use any battle spells to make things less complicated.

Anyways guys round 1!

Now as you can see guys, the Mr. Krabs is winning a lot, and the reason behind this is because he has quicker cooldowns on his skills. You’ll notice that I can use my first and second skill twice in a single match, whilst the old bane can only use them once because of its long cooldowns.

But when the matches went to the later games, wherein we can finish each other faster, then the Old bane had more chance of winning.


So what do you think guys? Which Bane do you prefer? Comment down below your opinion and let the developers know which Bane you’d like to keep. Coz, on Akai guys, that change they did on Akai, they said that they’d keep the one which was preferred more by the players. And the answer to that was the new Akai, so let’s see if it’s gonna be the same case with bane. Anyways, guys, that’s it for our 1 versus 1 match. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos. Thanks!

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