Hey guys what’s up! So we have got another update that just came in! Now, we’re gonna go through the important stuff and see what has changed.

First, The new Bane got buffed. And They have now removed the Old Bane. Players that have the Old Bane before, will automatically own the New One. And there are also two new Bane skins, The Count Dracula which is sold in diamonds and the Deep Sea Monster which can be won in the Event, Bane’s Booty. We’re gonna check how that event works on our next video.

Now guys, On his buffs, they basically just increased the damage of his passive and ultimate.

Now, Second important update, is Jawhead Got buffed, and he got buffed a lot. We’re gonna go through his skill buffs in a different video. Also, guys, Jawhead has a new skin called Boy Scout which only costs 269 diamonds.

Third, Gossen now has a new name, Gussion. And his first and second skill now deals a magic damage, so we kinda can consider him to have gotten stronger since most heroes have a weaker defense against magic compared to physical damage.

So, for Gossen users, do remember to change his Emblem to magic and Equipment sets to magic as well. Again guys, Change his emblem and items to magic.

They also did some changes in his skills, and most of the changes were buffs. He also now get’s healed whenever he uses his passive skill, but we’re gonna go through all the specifics of Gossen’s buff in a different video.

They also did Some minor Changes on the current hero, but what catches my Eye is the change they did on Balmond, he now can use other skills during Cyclone Sweep, his second his. On the old version, you had to stop Cyclone Sweep first before you can use other skills, so this is good news for Balmond users.

So, those are the main changes they did in the game. That’s it, guys. Thanks!

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