Mobile Battleground Blitz (What? Why?)


And there you go guys, weird right? Different game but with mobile legends heroes on it. Actual heroes of Mobile Legends. They’ve got Franco, Layla, Yi Sun-Shin, Estes, Johnson, and a whole lot more. So we’re guessing the maker is the same company of Mobile Legends, or probably a collaboration, were not sure. Now, what kind of game is it, can this even be considered a MOBA game? Well we’ll have to find out, from what I hear you can already download the game for Android users, using APK. So we’re gonna have to check out this video since our Heroes are on it.

What’s interesting though is the hero costumes that they’ve picked for this game. As you can see, they are wearing futuristic costumes. Moskov, Franco, or even the natural model of Alpha. I guess that’s their theme, probably like overwatch.

So anyways guys, we’ll keep you updated on this game. So do like and subscribe. Thanks!

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