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This video is all about understanding Martis’s skills.
Martis’s damage comes from the combination of his skills and basic attacks.

He can use basic attacks because of the attack speed bonus from his passive.
Just using his 2nd skill once gives you 45% attack speed bonus for 4 seconds.
Use another skill before the timer ends and you extend your attack speed bonus and increase it to 60%.

Martis’s 1st skill, Ashura Aura, is a crowd control skill with good range.
Using this skill will make Martis move a little closer to the target.
You need keep this in mind, especially when using Ashura Aura near the enemy tower.
The slight forward movement is a big help when chasing targets.

His 2nd skill, Mortal Coil is among the best escape skill in the game.
It can cover great distance fast.
Martis can pass through walls two times with Mortal Coil.
All the while being immune from crowd control.

Aside from escaping Mortal Coil can be used to chase enemies.

The 1st hit of Mortal Coil can cancel channeling skills like Pharsa’s ultimate.
The 2nd hit is just Martis moving towards the direction of the skill.
The 3rd hit is where you can control his movement.
After the 3rd hit you can use Mortal Coil again for the final attack which is another crowd control skill.
Cooldown starts after the 3rd hit but if you use Mortail Coil again cooldown will restart.

Level up 1st skill and ultimate whenever possible.
Less priority on his 2nd skill because it has a fix cooldown.

His ultimate, Decimate, has a very small range unlike Karina’s ultimate.
Early in the game, I prefer to use it when the enemy’s HP is below 50% and not as a last hit option because of the limited range.
The enemy will probably escape before their HP is at a critical level.
Later in the game you can use it to last hit targets.
Enemies will have this mark when Decimate can kill them.

For skill combination:
2nd skill to close the distance then basic attacks.
Is the enemy fighting or escaping?
If fighting use 2nd skill again to stun then basic attacks.
If escaping use 1st skill to stop the target. Use 2nd skill again to get closer.

Any skill combination works as long as you can control where you are going with your 2nd skill.
During the early stage it can be hard to anticipate where Martis will land after his 2nd skill.
He can be fun to play with and is quite good with team fights.

What do you think of Martis’s skills?
Will you buy Martis?


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