Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here for a Gossen vs Lancelot video. When Gossen came out, there has been a lot of comparison with him and Lancelot, so we just had to do this video.

Now, remember guys, this is just for fun. And as I always say, whoever wins doesn’t mean that they are a better hero, since it all depends on the player, and in a real 5 v 5 match, there are a lot of factors on how good a hero is. Like, how fast he farms, how he works with his allies and is the hero good in team fights? All that factors guys.

But, videos like these, does at least give us some idea on how their skills fare against each other, so it’s not completely useless since it will give us clues on how to counter or avoid some of the hero’s combos.

That being said, this is a tough fight for Gossen, why? Well, Gossen has his 10 dagger combo right? While Lancelot has two skills that can basically dodge any sort of damage. His second skill and ultimate. When Lancelot uses his second skill, he disappears and can’t be damage. And while he uses his ultimate, he is immune to damage while he’s casting it.

Anyways, let’s get it started. Round 1!

As you can see guys, If I set up the 10 dagger combo, wherein there are 10 daggers on the ground, It alerts Lancelot that I’m about to use my skill. So, he uses it as a signal on when to dodge, either with his second skill or third skill, so it’s really a bit hard to hit Lancelot when he is closely watching your daggers.

That’s why I would sometimes not use the 10 dagger combo and just hit him with 4 daggers, just so to confuse him a bit on when to dodge.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the video. Thanks!


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