Kneel Down

The wrenched fallen queen laughed maniacally. The violet haired man – Moskov glanced at Vexana’s behavior with unease as he held his spear tightly. “She’s a lovely thing to puppet with, don’t you think?” Vexana turned her head around to look at the man that is glancing at her. “You make women suffer just like how you suffered when you were in love. How did it go? I remembered now. Your best friend had an affair with your husband.” Moskov answered, his voice sharp and stern. Vexana let out a low growl out of her mouth. “You’re one cruel man. You won’t tell her, won’t you?” Her curvy and thin body slithered towards him like a ghoulish snake. She lifted one of her hand below his chin and then tipped his head. Moskov’s body stiffened as he felt the coldness of her finger tipping his head. “I would, but I am not going to kill one of my majesty’s friends, it would be a betrayal.” A soft growl went out of Moskov’s mouth. The ghoulish woman chuckled. “What a loyal subject. I cannot kill you either, but what I can do is make the Queen of Doom kill you by..” Vexana stopped her sentence to make a doll; that looked like the Queen of Doom appear in her hands. She made the doll levitate, strings going through the doll’s arms, legs and torso.

Vexana made the doll dance and then appeared another doll, but this time the coll looked like Moskov. She made the two doll meet, the female doll instantly stabbing the male doll through the chest with her bare hands. “Get the point? I can puppet anyone, even if they are powerful than me.” Vexana grinned, making the two dolls disappear. Moskov gulped, his eyes revealing hate towards her. He never liked Vexana nor ever will, but sometimes things can change.

Moskov suddenly grabbed both of her wrists, Vexana let out a s low grasp. “What are you doing?” She croaked, glancing at the violet haired man. “You’ll never defeat me nor my majesty. I am not easily to be killed, and not easily to be threatened by a pathetic fallen Queen.” Moskov growled, yanking the helpless woman close.

Vexana struggled against his grip, but Moskov is too strong for her. “Let go of me, right this instance!” Vexana yelled loudly out of anger. “Make me..” Moskov leaned close to her ear to whisper, his voice sharp.

Vexana shivered. “You’ll pay for this.” She hissed. “Once the Queen of Doom arrives, she’ll have your head as a collection for her finest kills.” Moskov hissed back, his grip on her wrist tightening. Vexana groaned in pain. “I’ll have your whole body dumped into my pets! They’ll love you as their food!” She said harshly, but it didn’t affect Moskov. Vexana has pissed him off, and you would not like Moskov when he’s angry.

Vexana suddenly made one of her ghouls appeared out of her chest. The ghoul pushed Moskov away and screeched loudly. Moskov groaned as he hit the ground, making his spear appear on his hand and then threw it directly at a fast speed towards Vexana, but the ghoulish woman pointed her hand towards it and easily made it levitate away from her direction. “Screw your magic.” Moskov groaned again but in frustration. “Can’t beat a girl without powerful magic? Come on, pretty boy. Show me what you got.” The devilish ghoul woman formed a grin on her face.

Moskov growled, teleporting towards her by using his Abyss walker. A unique techniques that he learned from the shadow assassins. Vexana lifted one of her hands directly towards Moskov and created her charmed specter spell, but the clever marksman used his Abyss walker to dodge the spell, moving forward closer to Vexana. The violet haired man instantly threw his spear of death with full strength towards Vexana. It hit her right in the chest, but she did not scream. The spear kept her still on the wall for two seconds until the spear faded away into nothingness. Vexana’s legs weakened, so she collapsed on her knees on to the ground.

I’m surprised, you’re weaker than I thought.” Moskov smirked at Vexana’s weak looking body. She looked away from him, biting her lips rather hard. “I was too over confident. You’re not bad, pretty boy.

Stop calling me pretty boy. It’s annoying me.” Moskov crossed his arms, glancing at her. Vexana chuckled softly as she glanced back. “I have something to tell you.” The ghoulish woman stood up and slithered towards to the throne. Vexana sat on the throne made of black colored glass. Moskov could not say that she did not look fitting for that throne, he didn’t even know why.

What is it?” Moskov asked, his voice stern. “What if the Queen of Doom never returns? What if..” Vexana suddenly paused. “What if what? Tell me.” Moskov quickly grew impatient, his growl revealed it. “What if she got replaced by someone else?” A wide wicked grin formed on Vexana’s face. “What do you mean by replaced?” Moskov asked again, his voice hoarse and full of concern for his majesty that he cares and adores ever since she took him as her most loyal servant. It would be an utter bad news for him if he finds out that his majesty got hurt or worse.

Vexana let out a soft giggled. A greenish-blue fire appeared between her horns, it slowly transformed into something that the Queen of Doom wore. “Kneel down before your new Queen.” Vexana spoke, her voice sinister and cold. A wicked smile forming on her face.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad

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