Imprisoned and Freed


The beautiful and alluring blood demon sat on her throne. Her crown sat on top of her head, the diamond shaped ruby that is placed on the bottom center shined and flowed a soft blood color.

The alluring creature’s name is Alice – the Queen of the Blood Demons, one of the most alluring and tempting women across the land.

The beautiful blood demon Queen brushed her purple hair that went down to her shoulders. She wears clothes that exposed her smooth, fair skin and curvy body. Most men likes women with great looks. She said to herself when she was just a young blood demon. Her goal was to rule the land, and with her countless believers and blood demons, what could go wrong?

Even though many demon hunters and huntress attempted to kill her, Alice would easily seduce them, sucking their blood afterwards. Seducing men is the most easiest strategy for her to kill them, but when it comes to seducing elves, it is near impossible.

Elves holds a grudge towards blood demons, since blood demons mostly sucked the elves kind’s blood in the past.

Few months earlier, one of Alice’s messenger informed her that the upcoming king of the Moonlight Elves is currently training, this is quite the opportunity for Alice to seduce the elf prince and rule the Emerald Woodland, thus allowing her fellow subjects to suck some of the elves blood and have the rest of the elves to reproduce and then repeat the process.

The large black colored marble doors opened up to reveal a brown hooded figure. Once they set foot on the red, silky carpet, they walked towards to the Queen at a rather fast pace.

Once they were close to Alice, they kneeled down on one knee on the red carpet. “Your majesty.” They spoke, their voice revealing that they’re male. A smirk fell on Alice’s ravishing face. “You dare to come here? I’m impressed that you went alone and defeated every guards on the castle, young man.” She crossed her legs as she tipped her chin with one of her hands.

The hooded man grabbed Alice’s free hand and kissed the top of it. The blood demon queen let out a soft giggle. “Or should I say, prince Estes?” Her face formed an alluring smile as she lifted his hood up to reveal his appearance.

The charming prince looked into her eyes, he remained expressionless. He stood up, removing his cloak, throwing it away. “Do you have a death sentence, love?” Alice chuckled as she looked up to him, although she is a bit nervous, she couldn’t read what prince is thinking about. “If I have spoken to you the same word, we’d be both wrong.

Alice suddenly gasped. She felt like her body is being crushed by something, she couldn’t move or use her demon powers. For the first time, she felt harmless, useless and defeated. “Wha-What did you do..? You dirty elf..?!” Alice managed to screech through her clenched teeth. “I used magic to disable your abilities and poisoned you with a kiss.”

When he kissed the top of my hand, he inserted poison inside of me? Alice said inside her mind. It is a clever trick indeed, with the Moonlight code in his hands, Estes could not die, unless he takes immense damage from a powerful being.

Clever prince. I’ll have my revenge soon,” Alice glanced at him, her eyes revealing anger and hate. “You better watch your back.” “What a lovely advice, your majesty. I will take it, if it wasn’t so useless like you.” Estes glanced back at her.

Estes left the throne room and allowed the humans that was waiting outside to go in and imprison the blood demon Queen.


Why if isn’t Alice, the blood demon Queen.” A female cracking laughter echoed inside her ancient prison that is nothing, but disgusting pests and ruins. Alice’s violent eyes looked up towards to the direction where the laughter is coming from. “My dear old friend, can you help me escape this horrid prison?” Alice said, her voice grim. The woman revealed herself by stepping into the light of the room, her bright, pale blue hair flowed down to her chest. “Of course my dear friend.” Vexana accepted, a grin on her ghoulish, yet beautiful face. The chains that were on Alice’s wrists are now gone. “I believe that the Queen of Doom is still around?” Alice looked at her wrists that are badly bruised from being chained up for aeons. “Of course she is. Out of all the wicked Queens, she is the most wicked of them all.” Vexana lifted her hand to cast a healing spell, a blue dust of cloud formed on the palm of her hand. The blue dusts flowed towards to Alice’s wrists to make the horrible bruise heal away. “Inform her about my arrival, I need to do some blood hunting.” Alice said, licking her lips. “I’m going to rampage in nearby towns, and get countless slaves and believers. Then destroy the Emerald Woodland where the King is peacefully sleeping. I will wake him up from his sweet slumber and give him nightmares that he will never forget.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad

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