Human in Wolf’s Clothings

Ruby immediately attacked the wolf without hesitation. Rage can be seen in her eyes, her face forming a mad smile. The wolf dodged swiftly, it raised its hand to slash at her, but Ruby just dodged easily. “Tsk. You’re such a bad Wolfy! Why don’t you just take an eternal nap!” She raised her scythe high up into the air, wielding her scythe tightly as she jumped forward to the wolf. The wolf cleverly leaped away, but as Ruby spun twice, she pulled and dealt damage to the poor wolf.

The wolf made a weak noise as it collapsed, its body full of cuts and bruises. “Tired already?” Ruby frowned, but it is not sincere. She placed the curved blade of her scythe above the wolf’s neck. “Good night, little wolf. May you find happiness.. in Hell!” Before the angry red hooded girl could behead the wolf, the wolf scratched her legs and made her trip. Ruby made a screeching noise of pain as she hit the ground hard, dropping her large scythe in the process. The wolf kicked the scythe away and growled at the now harmless little girl.

Ruby looked at the wolf’s eyes. Bright yellow and full of anger. Flashbacks stroked her mind of the day her family died, how they were slaughter and ripped apart into pieces to be eaten by the wolves. Tears fell down on Ruby’s soft cheek, she didn’t even notice it. I failed you granny and grandpa, Ruby thought as she began to cry.

The wolf slashed at Ruby’s shoulder, she screamed loudly in agony, wanting the pain to stop. What a horrible way to die, is it not? The deep cuts throbbed painfully as a steam of hot tears fell off her face, she closed her eyes. She did not want to accept her fate, but she has no choice.

Suddenly, Ruby’s tiny ears heard a gunshot. A heavy body collapsed against her tiny body, she felt fur covered in thick liquid that made a mess of her clothes and skin. She slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes widened after upon seeing the wolf dead on top of her, its jaw hanging; revealing its sharp, pointed teeth. A hole on the right side of its head, ripping its ear off and spilling out blood.Ruby immediately pushed the wolf away, groaning in pain after. She looked at her deep cuts on her shoulder, the deep cut got wider, pouring out more blood.

Let me help you.” A soft male voice said, going out of the shadows to approach Ruby. The man has black hair with gray and white streaks, the same goes for his full beard. He wore an open yellow coat that looked a bit ragged, a copper wolf brooch on the right side of his coat’s lapel. His pants colored gray with leather straps holding yellow cylinders, his leather belt has the same design but with a silver square in the middle. As for shoes, he wore black boots.

The mysterious man picked the injured little, red hooded girl up. Ruby looked at the three scars on his chest. “You got hurt too, sir?” She looked up at the man with her wide, blue eyes. “Sure, did. Now let’s take you to a doctor before you lose a lot of blood.” He walked towards somewhere. in a direction where Ruby did not know. Fortunately for them, a town is nearby and Ruby is able to get a doctor to treat her wounds.

Ow!” Ruby cried as a cotton ball drowned in alcohol is pressed against her deep wounds on her shoulder. The blood quickly soaked the cotton ball, so the doctor had to threw it away and grabbed another cotton ball by using medical tongs. He did the same procedure until the wound looked purified, throwing the dirty cotton ball away. The doctor grabbed a gauze bandage and wrapped it around her shoulder spica styled. “I have injected an antirabies serum into your body, so you should be fine, all you need is to rest for a few weeks.” The doctor informed and then left. “Thank you for saving me, mister!

Ruby smiled at the man that saved her, he sat next to her during the procedure. “No problem. It’s my job to hunt down werewolves, after all, I’m A wolf hunter,” He returned her smile. “A wolf hunter! Wow, that’s so cool! I really don’t like wolves, whenever I would see one, I go nuts!

I saw you fight with that clever wolf. You got him good, but he got you better, I can train you if you’d like. I don’t have much to do with my time, plus you benefit yourself by knowing how to defend yourself if you got into a situation like that again.” He patted her golden curls. “I would love to!” Ruby squealed adorably. “Can I have your name, mister?” She asked. “Sure thing, kid. It’s Roger,” “Roger that!” She joked, giggling. “Thank you for answering, it’s a nice name. My name is Ruby! The little red riding hood! And Plus! I am not a kid anymore!” She grumbled with an adorably grumpy face. Roger let out a soft chuckle. “Do you have a family little red?” Ruby’s childish expression instantly looked pale, as if she has seen a ghost.

Ruby slowly hung her head rather sadly. “They died, got slaughtered by those evil, nasty wolves..” She mumbled, clenching both of her hands into a fist. Roger frowned, regretting asking her that question. “I’m sorry that I asked.” “It’s fine! I know I’ll find happiness one day.” Ruby looked up to look at him, smiling brightly. It’s amazing how fats her emotions can change. “Well, if you want. I can be your family,” Roger suggested.

Ruby’s eyes widened, surprised by his words. “F-Family..?” The word felt bitter in her heart but at the same time, she felt happy. Someone has offered her to be their family, someone that will look out and care for her. Once again, she will have a family.

Yes!” Ruby yelled as she cried in joy, quickly leaping off the bed to hug Roger tightly. Roger let out a laugh and patted her back. But if Ruby finds out Roger’s secret. What do you think will happen?


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad


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