Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to check out how to lower a stun effects duration or any kind of crowd control skills. Slow, knockback, getting airborne. All kinds of disabling skills guys. But on this video, we’re just gonna test it on the stun, just remember that this will also work on other CC skills. There are 3 things that can lower the effects of CC skills, first is the item Tough Boots which reduces the time controlled by 25%, the second one is Flicker, which reduces the duration of disabling effects by 50% right after you use it, and then third is the Fighter Emblem Talent that lowers the CC duration by 50% as well, After you get hit by a CC skill.

With the Fighter Emblem, you need to remember that the reduction effect only gets activated after you get hit by a CC skill. So if you get hit by a CC skill, in the next two seconds, any additional CC skill you receive will be lowered by 50%. So I guess this is only beneficial in clashes, but as a Fighter, you’ll most likely get hit by a lot of CC skills when clashing.

So first let’s go check out the duration of Eudora’s stun without any kind of CC reduction effects.


So that’s it for our tests. Remember guys, the flicker, and Tough boots don’t stack together, but the Fighter Emblem and Tough Boots sounds nice if you really want to lessen the effects of all those crowd control skills. So I guess it really is a good combination for Fighter types.

Anyways, guys, that’s it! Please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos!

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