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We are going to explain how Lesley’s Camouflage works.
Here is the description of the skill.
Did you know Lesley was nerfed because of this skill?
Camouflage state can only last for 3 seconds. It was previously 5 seconds.

This is how she looks.
When in camouflage state, she can’t be targeted by a skill.
Eudora can’t use the stun on her while in camouflage.
What Eudora can use is the fork lightning.

The hero lock mode of the enemy also disappears when in this state.
She disappears on the mini map too.

When doing basic attack, you will be stopped when she uses the skill.
Remember her camouflage can be cancelled when she receives damage.
It can be hard to chase her because the skill only has a 2 second cooldown.

The trick to detect if Lesley is in Camouflage is to look at your shadow.
Even when you are at your base, your shadow will disappear when she is in camouflage.
Here is Lesley when hiding in the bush in camouflage.


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