Hey guys what’s up! We’re here to check out Yi Sun-shin’s new skin, Roguish Ranger. The costume has a bit of a steampunk touch on it. So, which one do you like more guys? Apocalypse Agent or Roguish Ranger? But anyways, let’s go check out this skin in action. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about some basic tips and guide for new Yi Sun-shin users. With Yi Sun-shin guys, one of his advantages compared to other marksman is that he can get fed faster because of his ultimate. Your ultimate can get you assists and even kills once you get to level 4.

You can easily get fat early on, more so if your team mates like to clash a lot at the start of the game. However, for you to take full advantage of your ultimate, you have to be always aware of your map. Your goal isn’t only to get an assist but to help your teammates as well. Your ultimate can be the deciding factor when some of your allies are having a close match against an opponent. I can’t stress enough about how important map awareness is for Yi Sun-shin guys. Sometimes the outcome of a whole match is decided on a few kills that were made in the early game. And Yi Sun-shin’s ultimate can be a huge influence in the early games. As the game goes on, your opponents will feel less threatened with your ultimate since they will have a bigger pool of HP. So do make it count early on.

As for his gameplay, don’t forget to make use of your Sword. Yi Sun-shin can pretty much destroy any marksman if, again, if, he is using his sword. So remember to get to close range if you are against a fellow marksman. You get 50% more damage on your basic attacks when you’re using your sword. If possible, get close to them with your first skill. Since if you just run towards them to get close, then you’ll lose a lot of HP in doing so, and you might just end up dead.

Now your second skill can quickly kill mobs of minion, therefore, giving you more time to jungle. And you can also poke your opponents that is in your lane. However, they can easily dodge it if they see you charging. What you can do here though, is charge your arrow before your opponent can see you. This way they’ll have less reaction time to dodge your second skill. As for the build, this is my personal build for him. But you can tweak it to your own specifications, depending on your gameplay. So those are the basic tips for our Yi Sun-Shin guide, we hope that you found this article informative for your Yi Sun-Shin gameplay. Thank you!

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