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In this video we’ll test different item effects on Hanabi’s first skill, Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage.
Petal Barrage makes her basic attack bounce to enemies nearby.
Will the extra damage affect some of the item’s unique passive?

First test is Demon Hunter Sword.
Only the main target gets the extra damage
Demon Hunter does not work with Hanabi’s bouncing damage.

It still requires five attacks for its unique passive to activate.

Deadly Blade
It only affects the main target.

Necklace of Durance
It works on the bounce damage and not on the main target.
Since Hanabi’s skill can bounce back it can still affect the main target.

Glowing Wand
Again, same as Necklace of Durance, only the bouncing damage has the unique passive effect.

Lightning Truncheon
Hanabi’s bouncing damage can trigger Lightning Truncheon too.

Ice Queen Wand and Blade of the 7 Seas works too.
Only the enemies hit by the bouncing damage will get slowed or get a minus armor.

Malefic Roar penetration affects both the main target and the bouncing damage.

It seems the bouncing damage counts as a skill damage.
Item unique passives that are skill based is triggered by Hanabi’s bouncing damage.

What can you say about this unique feature of Hanabi?
What items do you think Hanabi should use?

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