Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here for Gussions’s gameplay! We’re gonna see just how good he got since he’s been turned into an assassin mage. Now, we’ve already covered what changes they did on him so we’re not gonna go through that again. If you want to see that, we’ve put the link under the description below.

We’re just here to see his gameplay and see his newly updated skills in action.

Now, as we’ve said before, Gussion’s equipment and emblem now has to be magic. Since he’s now a magic damage Assassin like Karina.

As for his build guys, I’m not sure if this is the best build for him, since he just came out, but so far, this build has worked out great for me. So do try it out, as you can see it includes a bit of defense. You can change some of it if you want to play more aggressive. But Athena’s shield really helps me a lot in a clash. And whenever someone has a low HP, All I have to do is hit them with my passive skill since it converts their 15% missing HP as additional damage.

The defense items also give me a bit of leeway in order to position myself better in a clash so that my 10 daggers can hit. It lets me make full use of every single dagger. Unlike if you’re a pure damage, you’re really in a hurry to set up and cast your daggers since you might die if you don’t do it fast enough. But that’s just my gameplay guys, in the end, the build you use must suit your gameplay.

So anyways, enjoy the rest of the video. THanks!

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