Hey guys what’s up! So on our previous video, we did a guide on how to use Gossen’s 10 dagger combo. Although, even with that combo guys, you still need to put in a basic attack after every 3 skills. And it’s because of your passive skill.

Gossen’s passive skill is actually what makes him a great assassin. Every time you use a skill you get 1 stack for Gossen’s passive. And when it gets to 3 stacks, your next basic attack will deal additional damage equal to 10% of the targets missing HP. So, the more missing HP the opponent has, the more damage you’ll do with your passive skill. So, always keep an eye on that passive skill.

Now, we’re gonna do some tests on how his passive skill stacks.

As you can see, using your first skill again to dash towards your target also adds a stack. Basically, 1 stack from using your initial first skill and then another stack for dashing towards the target.

And it’s the same with the second skill guys, you also get an additional stack just from calling back your daggers.

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