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In this video we’ll show you how you can put slow on Hanabi’s basic attacks.
From our previous video we showed you that the bouncing damage from Hanabi is seen as skill damage.
This means using Glowing Wand on her allows her to burn enemies that are hit from her bouncing damage.

To get the slow effect you will need the talent “Disabling Strike” from the fighter emblem.
Since her bouncing damage is skill it means any enemy that is hit will get slowed by 20%.
Let’s test it if it works.
From 285 it became 242
To futher slow a target you can use blue buff from the jungle monster combined with Disabling Strike.
With blue buff, only the main target is slowed.
If your main target gets hit by the bouncing damage, the slow effect can stack.
From 285 it became 185 with the help of Disabling Strike and blue buff.

If you want to make her a utility hero you can use Ice Queen Wand.
Ice Queen Wand combined with the Disabling Strike and blue buff she can slow a target by a lot.
From 285 it became 99.

Just using basic attacks, Hanabi can slow a bunch of enemies easily.
Remember her 1st skill can bounce 5 times for each basic attack.
Her ultimate Higanbana plus her basic attacks with slow effect can be interesting to watch in a clash.

What do you think of the combination of Disabling Strike, blue buff and Ice Queen Wand on Hanabi?
Will you use Disabling Strike on her?

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