Gear Update – Deadly Blade – Corrosion Scythe – Blade of the 7 Seas – Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Hey guys! What’s up?
On the recent patch there were 4 gear updates.
We will show you the before and after of each gear to give you a better idea on what changed.

•Deadly Blade
+60 Physical Attack
+15% Attack Speed
Unique Passive – Life Drain:
Basic attack reduces HP regen effect by 50% for 3 seconds.

•Corrosion Scythe
+50 Physical Attack
+400 HP
+15% Attack Speed
Unique Passive-Corrosion:
Basic attacks lower the target’s attack speed by 10% and have a 50% chance to reduce the target’s movement speed by 35%.
Unique Passive-Impulse:
Dealing damage with basic attacks increases your physical attack by 2%, up to a maximum of 6%. Lasts for 3 seconds.

•Blade of the 7 Seas
+75 Physical Attack
+300 HP
Unique Passive-Steamroll: Skills will lower the target’s physical defense by 25 points (applied before damage), lasts for 3 seconds.

•Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
+15 Physical Attack
+1000 HP
+10% CD Reduction

Unique Passive-Demonize: Increases physical and magic defense 40% and physical lifesteal 15% when HP drops below 40%

Will this update change your current build?
Which gear would you start using now?

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