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We’re going to do a comparison on the cheaper version on some of the gears.
We will show the exact stats you will get from upgrading.
By doing this you will be able to determine which gears are worth upgrading.
Let’s begin:


Magic Blade
Cost: 1300 gold
+40 Physical Attack
+24 Magic Resistance
Grants a shield that absorbs 280-700 damage when HP is below 30%.

Will you pay extra 970 gold get this?
+20 Physical Attack
+6 Magic Resistance
+5% Lifesteal
Double the shield.


Azure Blade
780 gold
+25 Magic Power
+300 Mana
Deals 50 extra true damage after using a skill.


Will you pay extra 1170 gold to get this?
+45 Magic Power
+100 Mana
+10% CD Reduction
Remove Azure Blade’s unique passive and change to:
Deals true damage equal to 120% magic attack after using a skill.

Change true damage to 120% magic attack after using a skill.


Mystic Container
800 gold
+15 Magic Power
+300 HP
+12% Spell Vamp

Will you pay extra 1220 gold to get this?
+55 Magic Power
+400 HP
+18% Spell Vamp
Regen 10% of one’s HP after killing a hero.


Molten Essence
Cost 870 gold
+540 HP
Deal 1% of one’s max HP as magic damage to nearby enemies.

Will you pay extra 960 gold to get this?
+380 HP
+50 Magic Resistance
Add an extra 0.5% to the existing unique passive of Molten Essence.



Nimble Blade
Cost 750 gold

+30% Damage monsters
+30% EXP when jungling
Regain 4% max health and 10% mana after monster kill.
Increase physical attack by 4 for every monster killed, up to 10 times.
Make retribution useable to heroes.

Will you pay extra 950 gold to get this?
+35 Physical ATK
+15% Physical Penetration


From the list of gears given, our favorite is the Nimble Blade.
You can get Nimble Blade early, then instead of upgrading you can buy boots or mana regen to help you jungle faster.
It can be upgraded later or just sold for better gears depending on the situation.

mystic container
concentrated energy
molten essence
cursed helmet
nimble blade
raptor machete
magic blade
rose gold meteor
azure blade
calamity reaper

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