Hey guys what’s up! So we have got a new skin survey for Gatotkaca guys. And it’s just freaking cool guys. I mean, all of the skin they’ve presented just looks awesome. Seems like Gatotkaca is really getting a lot of love from the developers. So, here is the first skin guys, now, out of all the 3 skins they’ve showed, this is the one I hate the most. Well, hate is such a strong word, let’s say, it’s the skin I liked the least. And you’ll know why, as soon as you see the other 2 skins. Anyways guys, Gatot seems to be wearing a Knight armor on this one. If you check the legs and chest part, that definitely looks like some medieval armor. It would be awesome if those glowing eye effects can be put in the real skin as well. but anyways, on to the next picture guys.

new skin gatotkaca mobile legends

Now I just love this one, this skin seems to suit him the most. I mean look at him guys, he looks like some sort of legendary super saiyan, or he even kinda looks like Akuma from street fighter. But anyways, you like it right? Now guys, I beg you, if you like this skin , do the the player survey, since mobile legends base their decisions on the reaction of the players, so do take the survey guys. I’d really love to play Gatotkaca with this skin on.

Now the third one looks bad ass right? Gatotkaca went full metal. He looks tough on this one guys. And I’d also love to see a silver full metal Gatot Kaca in action. Just imagine this guys playing in the matches guys. He really looks like a freaking tank.

But anyways guys that’s it, we just wanted to show these awesome skins for Gatotkaca. Again guys, take the player survey. I love these freaking skins. Welp, that’s it. Thanks!

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