Hey guys! What’s up?
We are going to test out the new fighter talent emblem.
If you don’t know yet, there will be a talent system that will come with your existing emblems.
Each talent will be different for each emblem.
On this video we will show you the fighter talents.

The first talent is called Unbending Will.
For every 100 HP lost you will gain a 0.2% increase in damage.
Here is Zilong doing 286 damage to Hylos.
After reducing his HP his damage to Hylos is now 298.

The next talent is called Disabling Strike.
Extra 20% slow when using skills.

Zilong’s movement speed is 285.
We will use Freya’s 1st skill which doesn’t have any slow effect.
Now, Zilong movement speed is down to 242.

Bad news for Balmond users.
His 2nd skill does not gain any slow effect when using this talent.

The last talent is called Steady Like A Rock.
Reduced 50% duration when crowd controlled.
What does it mean? Let’s test it out.
We first thought it would reduce the time duration when you are CCed.
Here is Hylos stunning Zilong for 1 second without the talent.
Here they are again, this time using the talent.
Stun is still 1 second.
Notice the yellow shield on Zilong after the stun.

Now we are going to stun Zilong first with Eudora for the shield to show up.
Then we will use Hylos again to stun to see if the duration will be reduced to 50%.
The stun duration is reduced to almost 50%.

Let’s do a recap.
Unbeding Will increases your damage when you lose HP.
Disabling Strike gives you 20% slow on skills.
Steady Like A Rock reduces CC duration by 50%.
It can only be activated after inflicted with crowd control first.

Which one do you like?
Which hero can you use these talents?

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