Hey guys! What’s up?
Welcome to our first Elgin Experiments video.
In this video we will test which item is the best for Harley during the early stage of the game.
By saying the best means the item that can deal the most damage.
Harley will use his Ultimate, 1st skill then basic attacks.
I included basic attacks so that we can factor in the attack speed of some of the items.

The winner will be determined by the second damage of Harley’s Ultimate.
For those who don’t know yet, his ultimate damage is based on a percentage of the damage taken by the target during a 4 second period.
First item is:

Blood Wings
Glowing Wand
Devil Tears
Holy Crystal
Disaster Truncheon
Lightning Truncheon
Feather of Heaven
Calamity Reaper

Our winner is Glowing Wand.
The extra burn effect from its unique passive help Harley get more damage out of his ultimate.
Glowing Wand is the best item for Harley in the early stage of the game.
The burn effect, movement speed and penetration, matches well with Harley’s skills and gameplay.
It’s like this item was made for Harley.

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