Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to check out the bug on Digger guys, and this bug is just insane, and very unfair for Digger. I was so pissed off when the bug happened since we were at the crucial point a ranked game when it occurred. I was actually making a video of Digger using a marksman build for one of our Troll of pro build videos, surprisingly though, the build actually worked great. But anyways guys, we’re here for the bug, so here it is guys, this is when it happened.

Keep an eye on my death count guys, it’s only 2. But when I got killed on this part, My death counts were piling up as I was on the egg form. By the way I also couldn’t move during this time. Look at it guys, it keeps on piling up. That’s crazy. I was able to move again after a few seconds, but that’s not the end of it. Now, let’s fast forward it to end of my resurrection.

And as you can see in the video guys, I was still a freaking egg even though the time limit has already finished. I was afraid that I’d be an egg for the whole game, but out of no where, I got revived again. And right in the middle of the tower, well I guess it’s my fault for being there. Thankfully though we won again, but look at my records guys, I was supposed to have only 3 deaths, but since I got 15 deaths, I had a really bad record.

Now I’m still not sure if this is gonna happen a lot with Digger. So far it’s only happened to me once. But it would really suck if this a frequent bug. Anyways guys, that’s it, stay tuned for my Digger Marksman build for our Troll or pro video guys. Thanks!

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