Demon Hunter and the Bounty Huntress

The young silver haired man walked towards a bar at the edge of the town, to relax and rest his sore body for the day.

He’s been recently killing countless Demons for the last few weeks, one by one they came at him during the night, only to get killed by this silver-haired man who is a Demon Hunter. The demons that attacked him were foolish to come face to face with this ruthless demon hunter. Strong, agile, bold and confident, the demon hunter slashed them, killing the demons with one hit. And who is this handsome demon hunter you may ask? Well, his name is Aluca-!

I already know your name Alucard, you don’t need to repeat it again for the millionth time.” The yellow-haired woman that is in front of Alucard interrupted his sentence. Alucard let a small frown slip off. “But did it sound cool, Fanny?

Oh please, love. You killed six demons in the past few weeks, I watched you killed them with complaints and hardship. You almost died for God’s sake,” Fanny – the yellow-haired woman rolled her eyes and crossed her arms and legs. “Fanny! It’s so hard! Fanny, please come help me! Ugh! Why won’t this Demon just die? Fanny! It’s too hard for me!” She mimicked Alucard’s complains, with a whiny voice.

Alucard’s face reddened from embarrassment. “I’m still getting trained by the Demon Hunters, you know..” He mumbled. “Don’t worry love, it’ll take you about ten billion years for you to be a professional hunter.” Fanny mocked with a grin on her face. “Stop teasing me please,” Alucard begged rather desperately with a frown. “Fine, you’ll become a great Demon Hunter soon, love.” She gently patted his head. Fanny likes to pat his head since his hair feels so puffy and soft to touch, she would do it every time they would encounter each other. Alucard’s frown turned into a gentle smile. “Thanks, Fanny, I know you’ll be a great Bounty Hunter one day.”

Fanny let out a cute giggled and that made Alucard made an ‘Aww’ sound, which made Fanny upset. “Don’t say aww. I’m barely cute,” She grumbled. “I’m wrong, sorry. You look gorgeous, not cute.” He looked at her appearance and that made Fanny’s face red.

She suddenly kicked his crouch without a warning, making Alucard groan in pain, holding his crouch. “I-I won’t tease you again!

You better not, love. I’ll kick your crouch thrice and twice harder.” She warned. Alucard got the warning and nodded. “How come you get to tease me?” He frowned. “It’s unfair,” “A man that teases a woman like that is awkward in public,” Fanny said, her red face disappearing, “Fine. Have you seen a golden, curly-haired girl with a red cape with a golden symbol that is holding a huge scythe?” Alucard suddenly asked. Fanny shook her head as her answer. “No, why do you ask?” She questioned. A small blush managed to appear on Alucard’s face. “Well, she just looked so adorable. I wanted to ask her who she is and where she is going, but she was gone in an instant after I made a few blinks.” Fanny slowly formed a grin on her face. “You like her, don’t you?” “What?! No! Of course not!” Alucard’s face pinkish face reddened.

Fanny let out a giggled, but that giggled instantly faded away when a white hooded woman showed up at the bar, Her silver hair that looked like Alucard’s flowed gracefully to her collarbone, and her bright sapphire eyes looked like ice being beautifully illuminated by the moonlight.

She told the bartender her drink, the bartender nodded as his answer and proceeded to finish her order. He grabbed a small-sized glass shot out of the shelves under him, placing the small glass shot in front of the woman and poured whiskey into the glass. The woman opened the zipper of her small leather bag to pull out two silver coins. She placing the silver coins on to the surface of the bar counter. The bartender thanked er and took the coins away, going to his next customer.

Fanny looked at the mirror in front of her that showed the bar counter, she watched the silver woman without being too suspicious. The woman drank her whiskey with one gulp and let out a sigh. What a fate, I didn’t expect you to be here. Ms. Wanted Assassin, Fanny thought, a small smile forming on her face. Alucard looked at her confusedly. “Is there something wrong?” He asked, concerned about her behavior. “I need to meet someone in private, love.” She pulled out a piece of folded paper in one of her pockets. Fanny unfolded it to reveal a wanted poster.

Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Natalia. The Traitor of the Church of Light.

Bounty Price: Ten Thousand Gems

Fanny crumbled the wanted poster and threw it away.

The silver-haired woman, Natalia stood out of her seat and left the bar. Fanny stood out of her seat as well; after Natalia left. “Where are you going?” Alucard asked curiously. “Going for a little hunt. You can go back to the house, I might come back late, love.” She winked at him and quickly left the bar and Alucard.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad

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