Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance – Can they stack?

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The idea of this video is from our community section.
Mark Neil Latoza wanted to know if he can stack the effect of Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance.
He says he wants to counter Alucard and Ruby.
Let’s understand first the two items and their effects.
Deadly Blade is inflicted by basic attacks.
Necklace of Durance is inflicted by using skills.
If a broken heart icon appears on a hero that means its regen is reduced to 50%.

Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance will place a broken heart status on the target.
Necklace of Durance effect can be inflicted by using skills while Deadly Blade is basic attacks.

When a target uses lifesteal on their basic attacks it can be reduced by 50%.
Spell vamp can’t be reduced by Necklace of Durance and Deadly Blade.
When a target heals like Estes, the heal is reduced by 50%.

Let’s test it out if it can stack.
Normal lifesteal.
Only 50% was reduced from the Lifesteal.
This means they do not stack.
So how do you reduce Ruby and Alucard’s lifesteal?
You can use the Weaken battlespell on them.
It only has a 60 second cooldown and lasts for 3 seconds.
The enemy’s physical and magic attack will be reduced by 50%.
Lower attack means lower lifesteal.

So there you have it Mark Neil Latoza.
Necklace of Durance and Deadly Blade does not stack.
Can you suggest other items to counter Alucard and Ruby’s lifesteal?

Spell vamp and lifesteal are two different things.
Lifesteal is from basic attacks. Haas’s Claws and Endless Blade are examples of Lifesteal.
Spell vamp is from skills. Bloodlust Axe and Concentrated Energy are items with Spell Vamp.

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