Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to talk about the recent nerf they did on Cyclops. And here it is guys.

Base Movement Speed adjusted from 250 to 240
Star Power Lockdown: Cooldown of all ranks adjust from 36 seconds to 43 seconds.

And as you can see guys, that cooldown for his ultimate has increased by 7 seconds. And that’s a lot guys. Cyclops used to be able to spam his ultimate when a clash is about to start. Also the decrease in movement speed will affect Cyclops gameplay, thankfully though the decrease isn’t much. One of the good thing about Cyclops is that he can go in and out of Clashes thanks to his second skill that increases his movement speed. Now guys, that 7 second difference in the cooldown of his ultimate might seem much at first, but to be honest, you’ll barely feel any difference when you play the nerfed Cyclops compared to the old one. However, guys, there are mments in clashes wherein you really need the cooldown for your ultimate to finish, those are the moments that you’ll feel the nerf hitting hard. Anyways guys, here is gameplay of the newly nerfed Cyclops in action. I wanted to show some highlights, but it was really hard playing Cyclops in the ranked games since either his getting banned, or someone had already picked him. Anyways guys that’s it. Thanks

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