Beloved Fallen Bird of Mine

Fanny walked towards to the dorm that resides in. She grabbed the handle’s door and twisted it, pushing the door forward. “Hey! Fanny.” Alucard greeted her with his charming smile. Fanny returned the smile, walking into the room and then closing the door behind her. “Hello, love. How’s your day?” She asked as she walked […]

Bitter Sugar

In the past few days, Clint took his new partner Layla to the nearest town he could locate on his map, even though they got lost time to time. The two stopped somewhere in the vast wasteland. The temperature still boiling hot as they glanced at the dead view of the dry land that is […]

The Chief and The Warrior

The chief of Makadan Island grabbed his clothes, food, and other supplies that he needs for his journey outside the island. After a battle against the island’s outside invaders, the great chief of Makadan Island decided to begin a journey, to go outside the island, to learn more about this outside world. The chief Lapu-Lapu […]

Past Moments

-{|Past|}- “Shush, my beautiful daughter.” A tender and loving voice told the young white-haired archer. A cloth covering her eyes to blind her sight, unable to understand anything that is happening around her. Miya felt unfamiliar wrapped around her small body, taking away the warmth that she deeply desire to hold on to. Mama, she […]

Kneel Down

The wrenched fallen queen laughed maniacally. The violet haired man – Moskov glanced at Vexana’s behavior with unease as he held his spear tightly. “She’s a lovely thing to puppet with, don’t you think?” Vexana turned her head around to look at the man that is glancing at her. “You make women suffer just like […]

A Hunter’s Tragic Past

  -|{Past}|- “Alucard! Dinner is ready!” A motherly voice called the young silvered haired boy that is playing near the forest. Alucard faced at the direction where his mother called him. “Coming mother!” Alucard replied, his little feet carrying his body as he ran back towards home. Once Alucard got back home, his mother kissed […]

Imprisoned and Freed

-|{Past}|- The beautiful and alluring blood demon sat on her throne. Her crown sat on top of her head, the diamond shaped ruby that is placed on the bottom center shined and flowed a soft blood color. The alluring creature’s name is Alice – the Queen of the Blood Demons, one of the most alluring […]


“King Estes is having a conversation with a friend at the moment.” Miya bitterly told Zilong, clenching her hands into a tight fist. The Son of the Dragon looked at her with a confused expression on his face. “You’re angry. Did something happened?” “Estes! He just let a night elf go inside the castle like […]

Human in Wolf’s Clothings

Ruby immediately attacked the wolf without hesitation. Rage can be seen in her eyes, her face forming a mad smile. The wolf dodged swiftly, it raised its hand to slash at her, but Ruby just dodged easily. “Tsk. You’re such a bad Wolfy! Why don’t you just take an eternal nap!” She raised her scythe […]

Demon Hunter and the Bounty Huntress

The young silver haired man walked towards a bar at the edge of the town, to relax and rest his sore body for the day. “He’s been recently killing countless Demons for the last few weeks, one by one they came at him during the night, only to get killed by this silver-haired man who […]