Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to check out the hero adjustments they just did on the latest patch. We’re gonna check out which heroe’s got buffed and which ones got nerfed.

So first up guys is bane, The mana cost for his ultimate got reduced by 10, and the damage from his passive skill increased from 60-75% to 60-90%, that’s quite a lot.

Next is Johnson,

They’ve decreased the damage frequency of his Electromag Rays which is his second skill, now they did reduce it before, but this time, they did however, increase it’s damage as well. But to be honest, I would rather have a higher damage frequency rather than the actual damage.

They’ve also reduced his HP growth rate from 270 to 255, and from the looks of it, johnson got a bit nerfed.

Next is Valir, basically. Basically they’ve just increased the base damage of his second skill.

And then Martis, They’ve reduced the knock-back distance of the second part of Mortail Coil which is his second skill. Which In my opinion this is an advantage for Martis. They’ve also increased the damage of his ultimate a bit.

Now, the other changers they did on the heroes are just bugs being fixed and visual effects on their skills.

So let’s do a recap. Buff on bane, nerf on Johnson, buff on valir and buff on Martis.

So that’s it guys! Thank you for watching!

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