Beloved Fallen Bird of Mine

Fanny walked towards to the dorm that resides in. She grabbed the handle’s door and twisted it, pushing the door forward. “Hey! Fanny.” Alucard greeted her with his charming smile. Fanny returned the smile, walking into the room and then closing the door behind her. “Hello, love. How’s your day?” She asked as she walked over to the bed, sitting down on the soft cushion of the bed. “Fairly well! What about your day?”

I couldn’t catch my target,” Fanny bit her lip before continuing. “She disappeared into the shadows of the forest. I hate it when assassins like her do that trick.” She crossed her arms in utter disappointment. Alucard walked over to her, sitting beside her on the bed. “You’ll catch her next time. So, anything.. else you need or want to tell me?” Alucard tried to keep his cheery mood the same as always, but after chasing his past, about his parents and himself. Something cracked and snapped inside of him like he just woke up out of a deep slumber without a heart. “Nothing,” Fanny answered calmly, patting his head gently with one of her hands. Somehow her gentle touch comforted him. “Really? No epic story from you for the day?” Alucard let himself frown, because of the lie that Fanny just made. “I’m sorry, love. Maybe next time? I have to take a nice, long rest.” Fanny smiled softly, laying down on her bed. She grabbed the orange blanket that is beside her, wrapping it around her body.

Alucard stood up, feeling his demon arm throb rather painfully. He walked over to the light switch to turn the lights off, then turned his head to look at his sleeping friend. “I hope you’ll tell me soon..” Alucard said softly then went over to his bed to lay down. He closed his eyes, falling asleep.

-{|Months Later}|-

Alucard somehow has gotten stronger each passing day, but it made him cooler as he got stronger. Fanny could barely see the joy inside of his eyes, she wishes to see his smile everyday to be able to know that he’s okay. But now he rarely ever smiles. Fanny couldn’t accept this change, Alucard looks and act so different than he usually was. The cheerful and kind person he had turned into utter bitterness. Alucard wouldn’t greet Fanny in the morning nor whenever he would come back after a successful mission, it’s like she didn’t exist. The actions and behavior that he now has upset Fanny, she didn’t want her beloved friend like this. The people inside the building didn’t like Alucard’s strange behavior as well.

Hey, Alucard.” Fanny greeted, waving at Alucard as she walked towards him, interrupting his training season. Alucard straightened up, glancing at her. “Yes?

Are you all right? You’ve been acting strange lately.” Fanny asked as she frowned. “I’m fine Fanny, why do you ask?” Alucard crossed his arms, his warm eyes turning into a cold glare. “You’ve changed.” fanny gently touched his arm, but Alucard quickly slapped her hand away. “I did not change. Aren’t I always like this?

You weren’t like this before! Why do you ignore me whenever I would greet you?” Fanny raised her voice out of anger. “Did I ignore you right now? I did not. So stop acting like an immature idiot.” Alucard said, his voice like hard ice. He walked away from her.

Fanny collapsed to her knees, her eyes wide with shock. She has never heard Alucard used the words immature and idiot. Alucard never once insulted her, until now that is. Fanny could feel her heart shattering into pieces, the thoughts of their friendship is over, saddens her deeply.

A few hours later, Alucard decided to leave this place, to go somewhere that far away and for people like him. After going to the library, he found a book about a list of families. From luck, Alucard found his family, but couldn’t read much more about them because of the short information. Alucard continued to read more books as the hours passed, searching for his family and his arm. In one of the books that he read, it says that the demon arm is a curse. The curse is made when someone kills a powerful and great demon. Alucard’s father has killed one, but his demon arm has been with him since birth. Maybe the curse has been living up to the decades or even maybe centuries. Alucard did not find the cure or a spell to break this curse, but maybe the moonlight elves that he has heard will help him.

Alucard went to his dorm, grabbing a bag and then placed some of his things that he needs inside of the bag. He went over to his cabinet, opening its doors. Alucard undressed, grabbing a dark blue shirt, black pants, and a beautiful blue coat that is designed for demon hunters. He wore the clothes quickly, grabbing his black boots that are beside the cabinet, putting the boots on. to complete the look, Alucard grabbed a silver brooch, to show that he is a demon hunter. He placed it on the left side of his coat’s lapel. He walked over to the mirror to see his appearance. Alucard looked different, very different. As if he’s another person, not Alucard.

Once nightfall arrived, everyone, including Fanny is asleep, but except for Alucard.

Alucard opened the window quietly and carefully. He quickly grabbed his bag, and sword and then jumped out the window. The sound that he made as he landed on the ground made Fanny wake up in an alarming state. She looked around quickly, but so no one attacking her. She sighed in relief, looking at the bed where Alucard is. Fanny’s eyes widened, he’s gone! She thought. Then without hesitation, she grabbed her machine that made her fly, along with her sharp blades. She looked at the window, running towards it and then jumped.

Fanny has an ability to hear things from afar and can identify which breathing is who’s by their breathing patterns. The female assassin closed her eyes and focused. She instantly heard breathing somewhere that is not too far. It was Alucard’s breathing patterns. Fanny quickly opened her eyes, a frown overtaking her calm face, I have to tell him before he goes, she thought.

Fanny fled towards where Alucard is. She had to jump into a tree branch one after another, she didn’t want her gas to run out or else she has to wait for it to restore. Once she saw a silver-haired man quickly running away. Fanny screamed his name. “Alucard! Come back!” Alucard continued to run, panting heavily. “Stay away from me!” He screamed, not stopping. “I won’t! Tell me what’s wrong!” Fanny replied.

Unable to keep up with his speed, Fanny decided to use the remaining gas to launch herself fast towards him.

Alucard turned around, his eyes meeting with hers. Then at a perfect timing, his demon arm that is holding his sword ran out of control.

Once Fanny got close to him, Alucard slashed both of her arms off.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad

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