Hey guys what’s up! So we have got a skin survey for Estes guys, and this just looks awesome. I guess there is a huge chance that Estes will be back again in the ranked games because of the support emblem that has amazing talent effects.

The healing hand talent basically lets you provide attack damage for the allies that you heal. So not only does it work great for his first skill but for his ultimate as well, since this talent can also affect multiple allies at the same time.

But anyway, we’re here for the skin guys, so let’s go check them all out.

Now, this is the first skin guys, on this one he looks like a high priest or an archbishop. I guess this theme fits him well being a healer and support, these types of character designs are the ones you’ll usually see in some of the MMORPGs, which is pretty awesome, but what I really like is his second skin.

This skin makes him look like one of those heroes from Dynasty Warriors. And I don’t know guys, but I really prefer this one. It would be cool to see this skin in action. With these looks, you’d really wish Estes was a damage mage. He doesn’t strike me like a support hero with this skin. Anyways, on to the third skin.

Now he looks like a fairy on this skin, Looks like Krixi from AOV, or freaking tinker bell. Well I guess it also looks cool, I like the color and all, but those wings man, or is that a cape? Not sure, but for me, that’s got to go.

So anyways guys that’s it. Comment down below which skin you prefer. Thanks!

MLguide Author



    (March 15, 2018 - 7:42 PM)

    Berikan skin helcurt starlight

    Afwan fauzan

    (March 16, 2018 - 10:01 PM)

    Good 😶

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