Hey guys! What’s up?
We have a new hero named Angela.
She is a support hero and costs 24,000 BP.
Her 1st skill is called Love Waves.
This skill can heal teammates and damage enemies all at the same time.
Love Waves skill needs time to charge up in order to cast it.
She can store up to 5 charges.
A lover’s mark will appear on enemies that are hit.
It will increase their damage taken by 10% and reduce their movement speed by 15%.
It can stack up to 5 times.

The next skill is called Puppet-on-a-String.
It deals damage while creating a string to the target.
If the string is not broken after 3 seconds the enemy will be immobilized for 2 seconds.
She can cast Love Waves while the string is still in effect to increase the final damage.

Her ultimate is called Heartguard.
Aside from granting shield to a teammate, she will be attached to it.
She can do this anywhere on the map.
While attached, she can cast her two skills to help her teammate.

Her passive grants her movement speed after using a skill.
When attached to a teammate, the teammate will also get movement boost.

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