Hey guys! What’s up?
Just a quick video on how Angela works with items and other hero skills.
If you don’t know yet, Angela is a new hero on Advance server.
Her ultimate allows her to attach to a teammate.
While attached, she can cast her skills.

Let’s begin.
First, Cursed Helment works when she is attached to a teammate.
The item Dominance Ice works against enemies when Angela is attached.
Angela will be separated if her teammate with Immortality dies the 1st time.
Angela is immune to crowd control and silence when attached to a teammate.
Her vision is not affected by Helcurt if she is attached.
She will be separated to Johnson in ultimate form, once she uses a skill.
She can use her ultimate to join Johnson or a teammate after Johnson has transformed.
If Angela is attached to teammate in a bush, she can use her skill. Her teammate won’t be detected.
An invisible player won’t be detected even if Angela uses her skill.
Natalia with Angela is going to be fun to play with.

Will you buy her just to troll? 🙂

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