A Hunter’s Tragic Past



Alucard! Dinner is ready!” A motherly voice called the young silvered haired boy that is playing near the forest. Alucard faced at the direction where his mother called him. “Coming mother!” Alucard replied, his little feet carrying his body as he ran back towards home.

Once Alucard got back home, his mother kissed one of his cheeks as a greeting. “Were you running by the woods again?” She gently patted his head. “Yes mother, I was.” Alucard smiled softly. “And did I tell you not to go there, because you might get lost?” His mother’s kind face became stern. Alucard bit his lip. “I won’t go near the forest again, mother.” He hung his head in guilt.

Margaret, the name of Alucard’s mother sighed tiredly. “You do know that mother doesn’t want you to get lost and hurt by the monster deep inside the woods, she just wants you to be safe.” She kneeled down to hug him, her warmth embrace comforting Alucard.

Where’s father?” Alucard looked up to his mother. Margaret closed her eyes as she stroked his silver hair. “Your father is fighting the evil demons with his comrades, he’ll come back home late again. In the meantime, let’s eat dinner before it gets cold.” Margaret stood on both of her feet, picking Alucard up in her arms.

Margaret carried him towards to the ding room, placing him on top of one of the empty chairs.

Alucard looked at the dish. A delicious fried egg, two seasoned sliced tomato and mashed potato laid down on the two silver plates that is in front of him and Margaret. The two began to eat quietly until they finished. “I’m going to wash the plates, mother.” Alucard grabbed the edge of his mother’s dirty plate, placing the plate on top of his. “You’re a very good boy Alucard, you make mother and father proud everyday. What would you like to be when you grow up?” Margaret smiled, brushing his hair with one of her hands. “I want to be like father!” Alucard looked up to Margaret, smiling brightly with joy. “Besides being a demon hunter? It’s a very dangerous job, I’ll be very sad if you get hurt or worse.” Margaret formed a frown on her face. “I’ll train very hard until I’m strong like father! I’ll be the very best of the demon hunters!” Alucard said proudly. Margaret let out a soft chuckle. “You will be, my charming demon hunter..” She hugged him.

Night fall arrived, the entrance door of the house slammed wide opened. Alucard’s father – Alastor has finally came back from his mission. He walked towards to the living room, instantly collapsing on the couch. Alucard went over to his father, hugging one of his legs. “Hello father!” He smiled. Alastor managed to form a smile on his face, even though he is exhausted. “Hey son. how’s your day?

Good! Can you tell me how you fought those demons?” Alucard begged, his face forming a smile, his eyes beaming with excitement. Alastor let out a chuckle as he gently patted Alucard’s head with his right demon arm. “Of course, kiddo.


Fanny couldn’t catch up to her target, so she decided to go back home. The dorms of the Demon Hunters are nice and comforting, it is quite noisy, but Fanny got used to it here. She considers herself lucky to be accepted at such a nice place that doesn’t even need payment. “Fanny, got a minute?” One of the older demon hunters grabbed her arm before Fanny could enter the dorm where she, Alucard and other two demon hunters resides in. “Of course, sir James.” She turned around to face him. “It’s about Alucard, I think it’s time for you to know.” James looked at the door where Alucard is inside and then observed his surroundings. “You look suspicious. Also, why are we having a conversation about Alucard? Did he do something wrong? I know he’s still a beginner, but he’ll be one of the best hunt-

Shh,” James interrupted Fanny’s sentence. “It’s not about his skills. It’s about his demon arm, haven’t you noticed anything about it? You two are always together, we don’t understand why you haven’t noticed it yet.” He whispered rather angrily. Fanny’s eyes widened. “What’s wrong with his arm? It’s fine, nothing has been wrong with it.” She mumbled, her tone hinted that she is concerned. “Alucard told me that his arm has been paining for months now, that nightmares keeps occuring, and that he feels like going out of control. We don’t want him to remember hi past ever again.” James formed a frown on his face. “What past? We have been together ever since.” Fanny said confusedly.

We asked someone to alter Alucard’s and your memories. Alucard would not be cheery, enthusiastic, or smiling if we didn’t make him forget his past. We told you about his past when you were younger. You were immensely devastated and we did not expect that, so we made you forget because we didn’t want you to feel that and act stranger around Alucard, you two have been close ever since. His arm is going to go out of control any time soon, so we assume that you will be able to help him. But you need the learn about his past.” Jame s tried to answer all of her questions pilling up inside her mind. Hopefully telling her the story of Alucard’s past will give her the answer in helping the poor boy once he loses control or even how to stop it.

On the day that the tragedy happened, Alucard’s father Alastor finished a mission with his comrades, to kill a second high ranking Demon. They succeeded, but Alastor’s demon arm suddenly burst out, devouring Alastor’s consciousness. The demon arm took over for a short period of time to kill Alastor’s comrades. When he woke up, the poor guy was horrified to see his friends dead and quickly went back home to his family. He spends his time with his wife and son like nothing happened in the mission, until that family bonding turned into a disaster..” James hung his head down. Fanny formed a frown on her face, biting her gently. “What happens next?

Well, Alastor’s demon arm went out of control once again. But this time, his arm devoured him and his wife. In this horrific moment, Alucard saw everything before his once innocent eyes. He screamed loudly as he tried to ran away from the demon that her ever first saw. I don’t know what happened next, but I do know that his father’s demon arm transferred into him, I think it’s a family thing..” James hung his head. “I feel sorry for the small kid, must’ve been hard for him..”

Don’t worry sir, I shall take care of Alucard and protect him even if it cost me my own life.” Fanny clenched her chest with her right hand, a proud expression on her face, “He’s so lucky to have you Fanny.

Fanny formed a small smile on her face. “He’s my dear friend after all.”

What they did not know that Alucard was listening to their conversation from the very beginning.


Credits to the author: DexiaDex of Wattpad

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